If you’ve been experiencing pain from a slipped disc or sciatica, there’s a minimally invasive option to help you feel like yourself again while avoiding major surgery. With locations in Baton Rouge, Walker, and Prairieville, Louisiana, The Spine Center of Baton Rouge offer surgical options to get you back on your feet again with minimal down time. Take a step toward an active, healthier future by calling or scheduling an online consultation today with Dr. Kevin P. McCarthy or Dr. C. Chambliss Harrod.

Microdisectomy Q & A

What is microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure in your spine. Sometimes called microdecompression, microdiscectomy is a treatment for a slipped disc or sciatica, a painful condition caused by compression on your spinal nerve.

Microdiscectomy is highly effective at alleviating sciatica pain. It’s a safe procedure, and complications are rare.

What should I expect before microdiscectomy?

Depending on who’s performing your procedure, Dr. McCarthy or Dr. Harrod take a complete medical history and will ask you about medications you’re taking.

Before surgery, they’ll advise you to avoid taking medications that can thin your blood, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. You’ll also be asked not to drink or eat anything after midnight the night before the surgery. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure.

What should I expect during microdiscectomy?

The surgery is performed using general anesthesia. Dr. McCarthy or Dr. Harrod make a small incision. Then, with a lighted magnifying microscopic and minimally-invasive surgical techniques, they gently remove the disc fragment or bone causing pressure, irritation, and pain on your nerve.

Your doctor closes the incision with stitches. The procedure takes around a hour, and you should be able to go home several hours after the surgery.

What should I expect after microdiscectomy?

While recovery time varies, you should feel better in about two weeks or less. Your surgery site will be sore for a few days. To help with the soreness, wrap a bag of ice in a clean towel and place it on the sore area for 15 minutes each hour.

You’ll want to get up and moving as soon as you can. Activities like walking help to prevent scar tissue from forming, speed up your recovery, and keep your spine limber.

You’ll be able to resume activities like swimming and biking in a couple of weeks. Dr. McCarthy or Dr. Harrod will advise you when you’re ready for strenuous exercise or lifting weights.

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