Our Team

Meet the Spine Center Team

By bringing together a unique combination of knowledge and expertise, Doctors Kevin McCarthy, Chambliss Harrod and Matt Neumann lead a team offering a wide variety of treatment options, from effective pain management therapies to minimally invasive surgeries.

Our Practice

At The Spine Center of Louisiana, the team is dedicated to educating and spending quality time with patients of all ages. The practice includes board certified specialists and experts in adult and pediatric treatment. Drs. McCarthy, Harrod, and Neumann make your spinal care their top priority. Their goal is to understand your spinal care needs and deliver a high-quality, comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for you.

If you’re troubled by back pain and ready to understand all of your options, call or schedule an online consultation with The Spine Center of Louisiana today. They are happy to discuss any of your back problems with you, as they are your partners in good back health.