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The Spine Center of Louisiana appreciates reviews from our valued patients. Read what others are saying about The Spine Center, below. Additionally, we invite you to share your patient experience.

We want to thank you for all the battles with Aetna and the hospitals, and all of the necessary things that were done on my behalf. Dr. Harrod’s refined expertise has me walking straight with “no back pain.” My legs grow stronger daily and you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

We hope that you all enjoy the eats and please know that we love you all for being our heroes.

David & Barbara Singer, 2 years ago, Note received from patient

I had a front fusion OF 2 vertebrae in my neck, BY ANOTHER SURGEON, things were fine for about 3 months then I started having level 9 pain….that surgeon could not find anything wrong…..and each appt was 6 weeks apart…I started seeking a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Dr. McCarthy found a course of action and did a C3 thru C6 fusion on the back side…It has been almost 5 months since the surgery and I feel great! I really was looking for a miracle and he delivered it! He even did a video conference with my insurance provider when they denied me at 1st…Dr McCarthy got it approved. THE ENTIRE STAFF AND PA’S ARE SUPER ALSO. Thank you Dr. McCarthy!!! Thank you Meegan! Thank you Kim!

Trace S., 2 years ago, Google

Dr. Harrod and his staff are excellent!! I had back pain for years and it was to the point of having a fusion from L3 to S1. Dr. Harrod did the surgery and my back feels so much better. I still have pain but not like I had before the surgery. His support staff and office staff are also great. When I call or visit the office, they make sure their patients are taken care of in a timely manner. I would recommend Dr. Harrod to anyone needing answers about back problems, or needing treatment. In my opinion, The Spine Center and Dr. Harrod are the best in Baton Rouge.

Joseph Y., 2 years ago, Google

“Dr. McCarthy, Chelsea and the Spine Center team are always dedicated, caring and genuine when it comes to helping solve my injuries. I would strongly recommend Dr. McCarthy and Chelsea to anyone, they are first class all the way! And, their staff is extremely courteous and helpful as well. Thank you Dr. McCarthy!”

S. Sherman, 2 years ago,

“Dr. Harrod I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the BEST!! I’m so thankful you were my surgeon during that terrible time of my life. I know if it wasn’t for you I would probably be in a wheelchair. I could never thank you enough for the awesome job you did on putting me back together. You really are the GREATEST!!!”

Lisa M., 2 years ago

Dr. Neuman teamed up with Dr. Harrod to develop a plan that would give me options to choose from. Both are great at explaining things in layman’s terms. Love these guys and their staff.

Brad, 2 years ago, Google

Dr.Gregory Fautheree ,Dr.Sara Brooks,Nurse Nicole, and the Entire staff at NMC is truly an amazing group of team players!!! From Booking Appointments, Scheduling Procedures,Pre & Post Op,,, literally,,from the minute I walked thru the doors the day of my procedure(Double Spinal Fusion) until the day I left, my wife and I were taken care of 150%!!!!
It is definitely worth the 2 hour commute from our little home town of Basile. This Clinic is Highly recommended by us.
Thanks Team!!!!! You guys are a special, blessed, and talented group of individuals!! God Bless each and everyone of you !!!

Blake, 3 years ago, Google

Dr. Kevin McCarthy, is one of the most, caring, Doctors. For several years, my pain, that I experience, daily, has been helped, tremendously, threw the epidurals, that , he preforms, on my back! They last me close to three months. He’s so talented! And, I would highly recommend this, wonderful Doctor! He’s a 5 star Doctor!! Call him for your Back Pain! M. Kirkes Forever, in his debt Thanks Dr. McCarthy, For your talented hands. A gift from GOD!

Mabel K., 3 years ago

“The Best Surgeon in the world! Thank you Dr McCarthy for all you have done for me!”

Tim, 3 years ago, Facebook

“Great Doctor and Surgeon! Awesome helpful staff.”

Bobby L., 3 years ago, Facebook

“Dr. Harrod is the Greatest Spine Surgeon in our opinion! He is Brilliant!!! The most humble & kind doctor you will ever meet. Most importantly he loves God!!! He saved my husband from being paralyzed! We can’t thank him enough! We love him dearly!”

Amy S., 3 years ago, Facebook

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my back and neck problems. Dr. Harrod is the absolute best there is! I have a cervical spine fracture, and he has answered all of my questions and has always fit me in to his schedule if I’ve had any concerns. Not to mention he’s extremely knowledgeable and personable. He and all of his staff are just outstanding.”

Hailee, 3 years ago,

“Dr. McCarthy is a gifted surgeon and has increased my quality of life tremendously. Everyone he works with is outstanding as well – I don’t think he’d work with anything less.”

Peggy, 3 years ago, Google

Dr Kevin McCarthy, has done a many of epidurals, on my spine. He’s the BEST, keeps me going! Without his magical hands , I would be in so much Pain!! So thankful to him! Highest regards, Mabel…

Mabel K., 3 years ago

“I feel fortunate to have Dr. McCarthy as my doctor. He is focused, knowledgable, skilled, confident and respectful. After two cortisone injections and nerve medication that did not last I chose to have ACDF surgery. This was a process of learning and accepting what was and what could be with medical technology. The entire team, especially Christina Landry, helped me through this last year’s journey with their expertise and capable guidance. They have proved themselves to be the very best when it comes to spinal care. Thank you all.”

Patient, 3 years ago,

“Dr. McCarthy is a wonderful physician. He fixed my many years of back pain through a minimally invasive procedure that no other surgeon in the area is offering. It has been over 2 years and I still have no pain. Would recommend him or his awesome staff to any of my family or friends.”

Patient, 3 years ago,

“Doctor McCarthy is a wonderful physician. He spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and discussed my symptoms and treatments prior. I have had back pain for many years and have seen many doctors. None of them have relieved my symptoms or seemed to even care. Dr. McCarthy diagnosed the problem right away and alleviated my pain through a minimally invasive procedure that no one else in the area does. It has been 2 years now and I still have no pain. He and his wonderful staff saved my life!”

Betsy, 3 years ago,

“Dr. McCarthy is wonderful! He is clearly passionate about what he does and I would recommend him to anyone I know. He answered all my questions and was very confident and reassuring, which made me feel more comfortable. His staff is great as well. I am so thankful I chose him. His care and years of experience was exactly what I needed! He is an excellent surgeon!”

Elizabeth, 3 years ago,

“Dr. McCarthy is a great doctor. Very passionate and experienced. He explained, in detail, what I needed to expect and was very honest about my prognosis. His confidence made me feel at ease! He has a great team and I am very happy I chose him as my doctor! Highly recommended!”

Brenda, 3 years ago,

“Dr. McCarthy is an excellent surgeon who cares about his patients and treats them with the utmost regard and attention. Best in Baton Rouge!”

Patient, 3 years ago,


Phillip R., 4 years ago,

Great PAs

Jeremy G., 4 years ago,

They did a great job at explaining what was going on and recommended all of the conservative treatment options for me. After physical therapy and a medication regimen I feel so much better already.

A.T., 4 years ago,

very good before surgery and also post surgery

John S., 4 years ago,

Dr. McCarthy changed my life and relieved my back pain. His staff was very courteous and professional. I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy for spine surgery.

Lindsey F., 4 years ago,

“Great group of people! Excellent service- highly recommend dr McCarthy and dr Harrod!”

Brian, 4 years ago, Facebook

“Very informative and detailed. Answered all my questions and the staff provided a wealth of information that was presented in a enthusiastic style.”

Sammy, 4 years ago,

“Dr Harrod is the best. I’ve had great care and follow up. Christian, Mark and Terry are also wonderful.”

Meda-Kay, 4 years ago, Yelp

Dr. Harrod is amazing. I feel confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is his passion! He has great bed side manners, empathy and the best of what he does! This is not only coming from myself. While I was in the waiting room a young lady proceeded to tell me that Dr. Harrod was on his family vacation out of state when she was in a horrific car accident and that he immediately flew in to reconstruct her entire spine. I had tears of joy! We need more dedicated Dr.s like himself. God Bless!!

Jamie P., 4 years ago

Dr Harrod was very professional and took the time needed to listen to my concerns. His staff was very pleasant and accommodating with scheduling appointments. I would highly recommend him for your medical needs!

Brenda G., 5 years ago

I have been seeing him since 2011, I have never had any problems I love him and I would not trust anyone else other than him and the doctors and PA under him, I had 2 neck Surgery with him and I am glad i choose him.

Ella B., 5 years ago,

I had a great experience. Wonderful care!

Susan P., 5 years ago

Dr. McCarthy and his assistant were very professional and answered all my questions

Aletha J., 5 years ago

I was treated in a prompt, professional, and caring manner. My questions were answered respectfully.

Wayne V., 5 years ago,


Chad J., 5 years ago

Dr. Kevin McCarthy was extremely professional and explained my procedure and options in a way that made me feel I had made the right choice in selecting Dr. McCarthy and The Spine Center of Louisiana.

Paula, 5 years ago, Google

Great group!

Gretchen B., 6 years ago, Facebook